Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Power Plant

Power Plant trip yesterday with my 9th graders. We went to see a local steam station - a great opportunity for them to get to see where electrical power comes from. However, before you get trapped on the roof, make sure that the elevator is free to come back and get you - it is not fun to walk down seven flights of grated stairs with a panicking student.

My group (including our bus driver). There were two other groups as well as they split the class of 21 students into smaller ones for the tour.
At the right you can see inside the running furnace.
Coal pile:
River outside the plant:

Explanation from our tour guide:


Carrie said...

When we were in 9th grade we convinced you to let us go to Atlanta instead to the Coke Museum and the Varsity. The bus ran out of gas on the way back. That was the BEST field trip ever!!!!

Ann said...

Carrie - I will NEVER forget that field trip. We didn't run out of gas - we had engine trouble, and if you remember, it almost caught on fire. Then there were the bathroom issues with the girls on the bus. Remember that?!!!

Carrie said...

yes, that's right...something about some sort of thing with the fuel pipe not reaching something...I remember. Great memories, since it all turned out ok!!!!!!