Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old Friends

I have had several opportunities lately to be with friends I rarely see.

My dear friend from college/post-college years, Holly, spoke at our women's conference ten days ago. She spent the night with me, and although we only covered about 10% of the things we'd have liked to discuss, and although we're both old enough that we had to go to bed around 11 instead of the 3 a.m. it would have been years ago, it was wonderful to spend a few hours with her.

Good friends, even if you don't see each other but every few years, can take up right where they left off back when!

Billy and Shelby came to visit my folks, and stayed at our house. Shelby is the kind of lady that appeals to all generations. Everybody loves Shelby! And Billy is a fine man also. It was a pleasure to keep them at our house.

Finally, before Andrew's recital, I met up with a former student from my very first year of teaching. Their class had a reunion that night, and invited me, but I couldn't go due to the recital/reception. Well, this dear friend, Cheri, wrote me on Facebook and said she would come over to the recital beforehand so that we could get together for a few minutes. And a few minutes it was - only ten - but such a joy to see her again. And it really meant a lot that she would go out of her way to find and see me for such a short time.

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