Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Night Misc.

Nothing dramatic to write about, but it's been several days since a post, so maybe I'll just list some activities as of late.

--Taking 35 students to see PRIDE AND PREJUDICE tomorrow night. It will be a 16-hour day for me, but it's worth it. The only thing that absolutely frustrates me will be the one kid who won't have notified his parent to pick him up, and I'll have to sit in the parking lot waiting with him/her at 11:00 at night. Happens every time.

--Any more, getting a daughter registered for summer school classes at the local community college is as big an event as getting signed up anywhere else. I am not allowed to do legwork for her without an affadavit from her - and even then maybe not, depending on who is in the registration office at the time. Federal regulations - the employees could lose their jobs. Thank goodness for such oversight from the government. This could be a crisis if I were to complete registration for my daughter who is taking final exams in another city.

--I'll have to make meatloaf more often. Got lots of appreciation from my dad and the others at the table today.

--Was glad to hear that family in Alabama are OK. We have family from both sides in the Birmingham area as well as further north.

--Had a painful ankle/inside of foot for a month now. Didn't do anything to it that I know of, and the pain/swelling vary from day to day. Trying to avoid going to the dr. but may have to break down and go.

--I fell at school on Thursday of last week - just tripped over my feet and sprawled on the hallway floor. Fortunately there was only one girl in the hallway, so it wasn't a huge embarrassment. Thought I was fine - but the soreness and muscle pain kicked in yesterday. I'm too old to take swan dives.


Barbara H. said...

That's one nice thing about kids having cell phones -- it helped when they could call and tell me when they were at a certain point on the way back. As a parent I always hated waiting in a dark parking lot at 10 at night when they were running late getting home from an activity.

Could your sore foot have had anything to do with your fall? I do remember when the only concern about falls was embarrassment, but now I fear really hurting myself if I fall.

Ann said...

Hey Barbara - foot's been sore for several weeks before the fall. :-)

And I agree about the cell phones. The students are told ON THE BUS to use their phones to call ahead of time. And still there is usually one who says something like "Yes, I called" and then when there is no ride there they say "I didn't tell them what time to come." Drives me crazy.