Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts on the Wonder of Power (the Electrical Kind)

Electrical power is a wonderful thing. Never has the sound of the refrigerator humming been such a beautiful thing.

I see now why pioneers went to bed so early. When it gets dark. . .there's nothing else to do. All our artificial entertainments and diversions, I believe, have affected our sleep patterns, and therefore our rest cycles. Darkness is for rest, and we have changed that natural pattern with all our nocturnal activity and gazing at screens.

So much of our lives is controlled by access to electricity. I was brought to my knees during 36 hours without power. Couldn't see, couldn't shower, couldn't fix my hair, couldn't open the refrigerator or freezer doors, couldn't use the phone, couldn't sew, couldn't much of anything. And horror of horrors, couldn't use the computer!

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