Sunday, May 22, 2011

Irresistible Purchases

Lest the reader of the entry that is four posts down thinks that the only thing that motivates me in purchases is how much money can be saved, please know that the following things are just about irresistible purchases, no matter if they include savings or not.

--Pretty printed paper towels or napkins
--Colored tissues
--Pretty printed or colored paper plates
--Publix brand seafood cheese spread
--Diet Sunkist soft drink - 2 liter
--Sliced pineapple
--Citrus air freshener
--A new color or brand of dishwashing soap
--Whatever cereal happens to be a craving at the time (usually Kix, Life, or Wheaties. Right now it's Kix. Has been known to be Captain Crunch or Alpha-Bits)

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