Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Monday Events

Mike and I went to the Clock for breakfast, and spoke with the father of several of my students who was there eating with a man he works with at the local thrift store/shelter. In other words, he has a ministry job and is not exactly making big bucks. He has a FINE family - one of the finest I know. His lovely daughter has just recently graduated and was in several of my classes over the years, as was his son who graduated a year ago. I will have his next daughter next year. When we went to the register, our bill was already paid. That is very humbling to me - a lovely kindness from a gracious man.

I made an unexpected trip to Atlanta yesterday. The quartet had a bus breakdown at 1 a.m. and couldn't get it repaired. Everyone but the leader (and his son) needed to get back for obligations. So I hauled down to pick them up. Were we ever loaded down - Seven people, luggage (as minimal as possible) and a dog in my Windstar.

The good result: After many phone calls and thinking that the bus would have to be towed to Gville, somehow they found a mechanic who could diagnose the problem, which turned out to be a hose and not as serious as they thought. So even the leader and his son got back by early evening.

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