Friday, May 13, 2011

On the Homefront

So after Blogspot was down for two days - and for awhile lost the last post (it appears to be back now) - here are some shots from the homefront. Mike has always been a wonderful handyman, and here's what he's been doing. He's also a good "horse-trader" - the first two projects are part of a full lot of things he bought at a late-afternoon yard sale stop a few weeks ago. He got both of these light fixtures, about five sets of blinds, and several other smaller items he can easily use, for $20 total! I learned a long time ago - if he's trading, let him work his magic and keep my mouth shut!

Here's one of the light fixtures - now up in the hallway and replacing the old, sad wicker fixture that used to be up there.

This is the new fixture in the middle bathroom. Much better for a college junior to use when she is getting fixed up.

He also got the pool up and running. That's a bigger job than it may appear. During the big storm in April, the heavy wind caught the corner of the pool cover, at a small hole that was already there. That small hole was all it took, and the cover tore down the entire length of the pool. So. . .all the winter debris that had been on top, then went into the pool. It was a much bigger mess than some years.

The good news about the pool - last year's patch appears to have sealed the leak that has plagued us for three or four years. There was NO change in the water level over the winter or since the pump has been running.

The butterfly garden that we planted last spring, and which did not appear to be doing much - well, here it is now:

. . .and a closeup of the pretty red flowers that are appearing among the yellow ones.

Finally - I bought these today. Can this post end with anything any prettier?

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