Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So in the past week and a half we've broken bridges and made paper columns (the strongest set of 6 paper columns held 49 textbooks before breaking) in physical science, made ester scents and ice cream in chemistry, completed building rockets and a rocket shoot in earth science, and taken a trip to a play in Greenville with the English classes. Oh, and my friend Nancy has had Babe Day, taken the 9th grade girls bowling in their final class, etc., etc., etc.

All good ideas, each done one time in some long-past year, and when any idea is done once, it becomes a tradition that must be done every year. "You're going to do that with our class, aren't you?"

Even that is well and good, until it gets to a certain point. . .

p.s. "Babe Day" - Well, when the biology students finish dissecting a pig, doesn't it seem appropriate to bring in pig food and watch the movie "Babe" as a celebration of finishing? The spread included bacon, sausage rollups, ham sandwiches, pork rinds, pork and beans, barbecue potato chips, and pig cupcakes. The kids get more and more creative every year.

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