Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Little Nostalgia--

Before doing ML's birthday post, I scanned in a lot of pictures from the kids' childhood. So there may be several nostalgia posts over the next few weeks. But here are a few for tonight:

The night of Andrew's kindergarten graduation. The one thing he didn't like about K-5 was "We have to write our letters and numbers."
Since this is ML's birthday month, here is a pic. of a birthday party we had once - Looks like about age 5. Her best friend (still) Alicia is on the left, Andrew on the right, and the two other children lived across the street for awhile. They were only temporary there and we hated it when they moved away, because they were from a nice family and also there weren't many children in our neighborhood. Plus they had a girl! (The only other children were boys. Nice boys, just nobody for ML.)
She may have been sick here. She's snuggled under everybody's favorite patchwork velour blanket. Some day our kids will fight over which one gets that blanket.
This was another birthday party - I think at Rhoda's house in IL. I love the look of excitement on ML's face.
Vacation at Smokehole Caverns, WV. We had such a sweet time on that trip. Kids begged to sleep in the loft, but the railing wasn't very compact, and we were concerned that ML in particular might fall through. So they had to sleep on the main floor. So boring. But they could climb to their hearts' content out here on the porch.

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