Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So For Our Anniversary---

--we did something totally impromptu - Went to Columbia to the welcome-back celebration for the back-to-back NATIONAL CHAMPION Gamecocks! 14,000 people were there and it was roaring! (We did go out to eat at Carrabbas also.)

See-we really were there!

Team enters and walks around the arena - those on the front got to shake hands.

Ray Tanner speaking on the jumbotron. Michael Roth was behind him and put up rabbit ears a couple of times (good indication of the fun that team has had).

NOW Christian Walker's broken wrist is properly being taken care of!

Team on stage at the Colonial Center.

The USC president, the mayor, a state senator, the USC athletic director, Ray Tanner, and several of the players all spoke. A resolution that was read on the U.S. Senate floor by Sen. Lindsey Graham was also read.

It was an exciting event. Anyone not dressed in garnet and black looked out of place.

What a way to spend an anniversary!


rk2 said...

Wow, you really must love him a lot!

Bet said...

I wouldn't have thought of that...but as long as you all enjoyed it! :-) Looks like it was quite the occasion.

Ann said...

Yes, it was a little unusual, but it was fun! Mike went to USC and has been loving their recent athletic successes. And I've kind of gotten on the bandwagon also.