Saturday, July 2, 2011


Went through 10 years of Christmas cards tonight. I've been going through memorabilia the last few days and have condensed seven boxes down to three. So many memories. I found a lot of old letters, get-well cards from pneumonia & surgery, baby cards, wedding cards, thank-you notes, birthday cards, pictures, calendars, and much more.

What's interesting is that there are notes from students that I don't remember who they are any more. (But considering that there are now close to 2,000 former students, maybe that is understandable.) However, most of them I do remember, well, and it was fun to read their old notes.

Then there are the photos and written things from my own childhood, and notes and cards from my family.

Hard to throw anything out. I kept the really good stuff, but some of it had to go.

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Bet said...

I know what you mean about not remembering students. I used to think I would remember them all forever. Alas...that's no longer the case! ;-)