Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughts About Casey Anthony and Other Stuff

What bothers me most about the Casey Anthony verdict is that the jury didn't even see fit to convict her of aggravated child abuse. I can see why they didn't feel that there was enough evidence for first degree murder. (I thought she'd get 2nd degree, or aggravated manslaughter.) But - a woman who doesn't report her child missing for a month? Is that not aggravated child abuse? Could they not find something in those charges to convict her for her bad behavior?

Next thought: I am seeing more and more that poverty has deep roots. There are very few people who are desperately poor, or homeless, or with addiction issues, that can be described as "blameless." Those who work with very needy people have to deal with their reactions to such things. You can't really say "Well, if you had done [such and such], you wouldn't be in this boat." If you give to such people, you have to make peace with that reaction. Which of course, is why Christ's love is so unbelievable - He could have said to all of us, "You bear blame, so you are responsible and must take the punishment." But He didn't.

Final thought: I am also seeing more and more that the people who live upright lives, save their money, determine to be responsible for themselves and their children, are the ones who will be "punished" financially. Want to go to school and have no money? Free government grants. (Never mind why you have no money - that you spent what you did have, didn't work, or whatever.) But those who have some saved - they don't qualify. Need medical care? Say you don't have insurance. They'll see you anyway. Our system rewards bad behavior in so many ways.

So much for miscellaneous thoughts this morning! Besides that, it's time to get some breakfast for daughter who is going to summer school, then get going on this house. Maybe.

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Allison Campbell said...

I love your random mind. Love you :)... enjoy reading this!