Wednesday, September 7, 2011

California Fruit

One of the things that we really enjoyed seeing was the variety of fruits and vegetables being grown. We had a couple of hours when we first got there, and drove out the Ventura Highway to the ocean. Along the way we passed this fruit stand.
See those big boxes of oranges? $3 a box!!

Someone from the church has family that owns this orchard. Of course I didn't get the picture until all the fruit was gone, but these people donated boxes and boxes of peaches, nectarines, and plumcots (plum/apricot crosses, also known as pluots) for the attendees of the conference. I looked up their website and was surprised at all the varieties of plumcots that are available now. They are delicious.

All these small boxes were available for people to take with them. The green/yellow fruit in the back is an emerald plumcot (with a natural waxy coating). Delicious!
Oranges. The trees were loaded. On a forty-mile trip we went past miles and miles and MILES of orange and lemon trees.

These little fruit stands are everywhere and are loaded with fresh fruits that we either can't grow here or have limited growing seasons. Imagine getting fresh strawberries nine months of the year!

Isn't that pretty!

We also saw acres and acres of red pepper plants, tomatoes, squash, and pumpkins. Also some trees that we weren't sure about and thought they were olive or almond trees.

All this in the valleys in between the mountains.

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Ada said...

WOW!! I'm sooo jealous. Jerry and I've been to California several times, but I can't talk him into going again. Sounds like you had a wonderful time sighteeing and an uplifting and inspiring conference.