Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Trip

Just got back from a great trip to the Truth Matters Conference in Sun Valley, CA. This will justhave a few pictures as an overview as I have more specific picture groupings in mind for the future.

We went to this conference because it was at Grace Community Church. The pastor, John MacArthur, through his radio program was very influential in Mike's early Christian life, some thirty years ago. This is a new conference for GCC and Mike really wanted to go. My administrator was kind enough to let me take the time off, even though the school year has just gotten started.

So we were gone for six days!

First day there - had just arrived, checked in to our hotel, and drove out to the Pacific Ocean in Ventura.

Tour of the Grace to You offices on day 2.

Also on day 2 we went to see the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Well worth the time.
Air Force 1 - quite a sight. No pictures inside--

At Reagan's grave

This is the view from the front of the Reagan Library!!

MacArthur speaking at the conference

This is a retired astronaut who has a book out of pictures he took from space, with appropriate verses and commentary about the beautiful creation of God. He did a presentation as part of the conference that was very interesting.

Church choir

And us. :-)

More to come.


Barbara H. said...

If we ever get out to that part of CA, I'd love to visit Reagan's library.I enjoyed hearing about Mike's ;earning from MacArthur in the earlier post -- so neat he got a chance to meet him.

rk2 said...

Herman Miller Aeron chair in picture #2!!! Glad to know MacArthur makes sure his people are sitting in the best ergonomic seating available!

Seriously, so glad you had such a great trip.