Monday, October 10, 2011

Operation Christmas Child Bake Sale

My 7th graders are trying to fill boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The mother of one of them has gotten 100 boxes to fill! An admirable goal, so we're trying to bring things in.

So the kiddos want to have a bake sale, before and after school, to raise money. I can use the mini-bus one day and take them, with the money they make, to the Family Dollar and Big Lots stores to get things for the boxes that have not been brought in. They think this is great.

This is supposed to be my free period. (It's activity period, but they don't have choir until tomorrow.) So my room is full of seventh graders making flyers and posters to advertise their bake sale.

I sure hope they bring in some food to sell. I sure hope they've mentioned this to their mothers.

How do I get myself into these things! And if you live in the area - please stop by and buy something from my "children."


rk2 said...

ok, here's my reciprocation for your buying a cup of coffee this summer--buy or give a couple of $ worth of stuff for me.

Ann said...

OK! Did I ever send you any $$ after that promise? :-)