Monday, October 10, 2011

Wish They Were Little Again

I am not exactly sure where all these old double-scanned pictures are from. But they really make me miss the olden days.
The top picture is ML's first time at the ocean. She had no fear - if Mike hadn't scooped her up when she ran in the first time, she would have not stopped running. I love that pic. Sorry she is squinting in the second one, but it's still a sweet pic.

Both above pictures are of Bill, MH, ML, and Andrew, pics about four years apart.

Don't know if Andrew was maybe sick here or just resting. ML is wearing one of her dad's old T-shirts, and Kitty has gotten in on the action also. And the one above it - I could just grab both of those kids out of the pool and just hug and hug them.

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rk2 said...

I miss them at this age too, but it surely is nice when the grow up and remember you and call on your birthday!