Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

--When airport security has to do a full body pat-down on an 80-year-old man because his artificial hip sets off the X-ray machine, something is wrong with the priorities of our screening/security system. He was very matter of fact about it. I say that when 80-year-old men start hijacking planes, then we should check them. And not until.

--Could someone please explain to me why racing is a sport? What kind of athleticism do you have to have to drive a car? Probably makes plenty of sense to other people, but at first thought it doesn't to me.

--This morning I heard an announcer on a radio station say to a caller, "Love you! Mean it!" When we start saying "Love you" to so many people we've got to clarify the ones to whom we mean it, we're throwing that phrase around too freely.

--And finally, the following quotation was on Facebook last night. My husband liked it. I'm glad that Clemson is doing well; however, doing well does not equate to a national championship or an unbeatable team. People just talk too big, which tends to ruin the wonderful success that they are having.

"Dear Clemson fans,
As some of us have told you, all it would take was someone playing defense to stop you. I just didn't think Georgia Tech could find one. Now, can we please stop all the 'No one in the country can beat us' and "We are going to be National Champions" nonsense? You are good but not that good."


Barbara H. said...

I agree on all counts!

rk2 said...

Well I'm not a racing fan, but I think we don't realize how tough it is to hold a car going that speed under control. Also, I was at the Indiapolis 500 motor speedway museum and you cannot be a big person and fit into those cars! I think if you can drink beer and play such as golf or softball, then you can't call yourself an athlete. JMHO

Not just one patdown but two I heard! Just crazy. I agree with you. The entire screening process is a joke. Sometimes I really just want to bring you a half-pint of cherry jam without paying $50 round trip to check luggage; I'm not trying to do anything sinister.

Ruth Fraser Davis said...

I enjoy your blog. I found you through your post re Doris Aldrich.