Friday, November 4, 2011

Where Is My Wedding Band?

I have lost my wedding band. And I am very unhappy about it.

How a wedding band just walks away between Sunday night and Monday morning, I have no idea.

Every time I come in the house, I put my rings in a small crystal bowl, with a lid, that stays in a specified place. They stay there until I leave again. All I know is that, after following the same routine on Sunday night as the past 26 years, the next morning there were only two rings in the bowl.

I have scoured the house and thought through my steps that evening. No success. No wedding band.

Mike says we can get another one. If this had to happen, it's good that it was just the band - it really wasn't anything particularly valuable. But that band went with me through everything the past 26 years. For better or for worse. And, though a replacement may be be an acceptable substitute - I don't want a new band. I want the old one back.

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Barbara H. said...

Oh no -- hope you find it!