Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Mike found my wedding band this morning!!!

He ventured into my closet to see if a book I thought I left at home might have been in there. Ordinarily that would not have made me too happy, especially since right now all my winter clothes are spread out all over the floor in the semi-annual exchange process. (I've told him in the past that my closet is the one place in the house where if things are a mess, so be it. . .) But today is a different story!

Anyway, he didn't find the book (it was at school with me after all) but. . .he did see a little glint of glittering gold on the floor. It is found!!



Barbara H. said...

Praise the Lord!

rk2 said...

The assistant minister's wife at my church has a similar story. Her husband found her ring under a bed.