Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning Misc. 11/21/11

--Last Saturday I had a terrible day with food and grocery store items! I left a gallon of milk at the grocery store. During the return trip to get it, I bought some apples, and when getting in the car the bag slipped and two of the three rolled out on the ground. Then while unwrapping some new TP rolls, I dropped one in the toilet. The klutz gene was definitely operating.

--All last week I had trouble sleeping and was awake every night. It was bad enough that by Saturday morning I had a terrific headache. A two-hour nap Saturday, and another one today, have helped. Who knows why sleep is so erratic at times.

--Have asked this question before, but will ask it again: If this recession is so bad (and I know it truly is for some people), why are the lines at restaurants so long?

--My boy and the quartet he is in sang in town Sunday morning. I always love to go hear him sing.

--My daughter comes home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday!

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