Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thinking Courageously

Saw COURAGEOUS last night. Great movie. The folks at Sherwood take a little different emphasis each time, but the foundations of Christian faith, and men taking responsibility, are always at the forefront.

This one was a little more complex, involving several interweaving plots and some very real sadness, as well as violence (four of the five main characters were policemen). At first glance, the ensemble of men might have looked like an attempt to be politically correct - two middle aged white men, a young white man, a Latino, and a black man. But the themes explored were excellent. The black man had to forgive the father he never met--a perfect example of the widespread sociological problem of black poverty due to absent fathers. The Latino father struggled to find work to support his family even though he tried very hard. Both of the men were Christians who were strong leaders of their families. I thought the movie gave a good perspective of Christians in different circumstances who desire to serve God with their hearts, lives, and families.

COURAGEOUS is well worth a viewer's time. It should absolutely be shown to young people. The people at Sherwood Baptist have developed a ministry that has a huge impact, overcoming many of the difficulties of reaching people in today's complex society. It would be a huge, humbling blessing to be used by God in such a mighty way.

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