Wednesday, December 21, 2011

p.s. The Red Photo

P.S. - The Red Photo

The Christmas photo (the green one) was already composed and printed, when I realized that the most important picture of the year had been left out! Here’s the story behind the little red photo that goes along with our family picture:


When Mike was 27, he realized the need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the testimony of his brother, he accepted Christ’s gift of salvation through His death and resurrection, and asked God for forgiveness of his sins.

As a new Christian, he didn’t know much about this new relationship with Christ, but he had a deep yearning to learn more. One night he stumbled across a radio program and realized instinctively that the speaker was a true Bible teacher who could give him good instruction. For five years or so, he nightly settled at his kitchen table with his Bible, notebook, and pen in hand, to study God’s Word with John MacArthur and the Grace To You radio program. I wasn’t around in those days, but just this Thanksgiving his brother’s wife told me that they knew not to call Mike during the broadcast, as that time was not to be interrupted!

Eventually Mike got into church and systematic Christian growth, but he has always wanted to find a way to express his appreciation to John MacArthur. Last spring, Mike saw that the Grace To You organization was holding a first-ever conference, Truth Matters, just for radio listeners. We made plans to go to southern California, and my boss even let me off for three days just two weeks into the school year. We had a wonderful time, driving to the Pacific Ocean, touring the Reagan library, seeing orange groves – and most of all attending the conference. On Friday night, Mike got his opportunity to tell Dr. MacArthur thank you.

And that is the story of the red photo.

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