Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What To Do With an Old Green Robe

Yesterday I was doing some Christmas shopping in the mall when I saw a robe - a warm, leopard print bathrobe. I am a sucker for anything leopard print. My old bathrobe is worn out. Plus, birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket, and the robe was half price. So. . .I bought it.

And now is the time for second thoughts. My mother bought me my old robe, at least twenty-five years ago. It's been so long that the exact, or even approximate, time, has faded away. She's bought me two robes since then. While they were nice, they just didn't feel like the old green one. One of them (pink and grey plaid) I gave to someone who could use it, and the other one (light green stripes) is still hanging in my closet. (Anyone need a bathrobe?) Here is the old green robe laid out on my bed. (The Christmas appearance is unintended.)

I hung the new one in my closet and brought the old one out to take to the laundry room, past Mike who was sitting in the den, and told him it was time to take the old green robe to the Haven of Rest. And that is when he dropped the bombshell.

"You're putting it in Haven of Rest? Isn't that the robe you rocked the babies in all those years?"

Ouch. He's right. How can I get rid of the old green robe? Here's proof of what he's talking about. The baby in the picture is now 23 years old.
I still have the receipt for the new robe and could take it back. But the old one is worn out. The lining shows every time I wear it. What should I do with an old green robe!!!


Ada said...

Well, you could send it to me - I'll get some coordinating fabric and make you a "throw" of somekind. Or I could make several mini-baby thingys for you to have on hand when you become a grandma - you know like the babies like to just rub against their faces?

Nog Blog said...

Oooh, I like the face-rubbing blanky idea. It almost makes me feel like crying. So sentimental.

rk2 said...

I like Aunt Ada's idea for the baby thingy.