Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breathing Miseries

Well, after a week of breathing miseries, tonight for the first time I feel a little bit like I can maybe stick my head out of the water a little bit and inhale freely. Not entirely. But a little bit.

Don't know what is making the difference. Probably a combination of medication kicking in, 11 hours sleep last night, use of a humidifier, and the effect of time. But I do feel some better. And it is very nice to have my mom's help with the first period class every day, which means I don't have to be at work so early.

And Mike came home from work tonight - sick as a dog again. When one of us goes up, the other goes back down. We're pitiful. I couldn't even give him a hug because he didn't want to give me, nor did I want to get, his germs. Happy Valentine's Day!


Endress Family said...

I hope you both get better soon!!
~sarah endress

Ann said...

Thank you, Sarah! I have found out that even a mild case of pneumonia can make you feel pretty bad!