Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Roses

Yesterday, right after lunch, I was juggling about three things in my classroom - two different student issues as well as getting ready for fifth period - when students said "Did you just hear the office call in? They said there is something in the office for you."

Well, years ago I got over thinking that Mike would send flowers to school on a day like Valentine's day. That's just not his style. He is a great guy, who shows love in many ways, but flowers are not it. (He's more the kind of man who would get up on a morning he's off, just to cook eggs with ham and cheese, with toast, for me before I leave. I'll take that!!!) So I figured the call from the office was some kind of form to fill out, or somebody's gym clothes, or who knows what. I sent a kid over to pick up whatever-it-was.

"Whatever-it-was" is in the picture above. The card read "Maybe these will help you feel better." Not bad for a man for whom flowers are not his thing!!!

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