Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Misc.

Just haven't had the wherewithal to think of anything interesting for several days. This recuperation has been two steps forward, one step back, so about every other night has been difficult as far as either sleeping or coughing, and that is fatiguing.

Anyway, in lieu of a completed thought, here are a few random Monday morning miscellania:

--I did teach last week, but thanks to my mom did not have to teach first period any morning, which meant (since 2nd period is free for me) I didn't have to be there any morning until 9:45. That was a huge help.

--Junior rough drafts for their research papers were due Friday. I had given a bonus to those who turned them in early, so they dribbled in all week long, and I got them graded and returned as they did so. However, there were still fifteen in the inbox at 3:15 Friday afternoon. I decided to just stay until they were done, so didn't leave until almost 5:00. On a Friday afternoon! But it was a wonderful feeling to go home knowing they were graded. Now to tackle 13 more senior final papers, but that won't be as big a hurdle. Rough drafts are more work than final papers.

--It's President's Day, and Mike and I are both off. That is rare for a holiday.

--Brach's Lemon Drops are very, very good for soothing a cough when it's at a stage that Hall's are too overwhelming for it.

--Squirrels are getting into our bird feeders. Mike takes the .22 out there and gets them when necessary. Always nice to hear that shot and know that they are being dispatched. Our neighborhood is overrun with squirrels - they are everywhere. So for those of you who are offended by his shooting squirrels - Consider it herd management.

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