Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning Misc.

--I did laundry Friday night, and forgot that one of the tops in that pile of dirty clothes needed special care because it is covered in sparkles. It went through the dryer. It isn't covered in sparkles any more--about half are gone--and everything else in the load now has sparkles that have to be picked off by hand. FORTUNATELY, it was a load of towels and my things. Wouldn't Mike's clothes have looked cute?

--Strawberry season began the last week in March. We've lived in this area for 21 years and I've never known strawberries to come in this early. Since we ran out of jam in February this year (another first), after making a triple batch last April and May, I guess I'll be making a quadruple batch. Since it's stored in the freezer in the garage, and with household members living in a dorm, an apartment, and traveling to a plant to work night shift where they often cook on weekends, I suspect that more jam than usual walks out the door with various people. . .

--Two words: SPRING BREAK!

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