Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two Very Different Spring Break Pics

The fruits of my labor last night and this morning. Four boxes of Sure-Jell, 28 cups of sugar, 3 gallons of strawberries, resulting in 39 half-pints of strawberry jam. Never have strawberries been in season during spring break before this year.
We ran out of jam in February, a first. We've always had enough to last until the next jam-making session. My family thinks they are deprived if they have to eat peach jam instead, or maybe even grape jelly from the store.

And this is a crummy picture, but so far it's the best I've been able to do. Want to be able to sneak outside the next time she is around, but the garage door was shut, and opening it would have spooked her for sure. She's center left, but the picture may be so bad it's not even worth trying to see her. It's quite a sight to see a turkey in our yard.

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