Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Misc. - Olympic Version

--I thought the queen's willingness to participate in the James Bond stunt for the opening ceremonies was absolutely hilarious and was a great PR occasion for her.  The forging of the Olympic rings was also really great, as well as the countries each bringing in a petal for the Olympic flame.

I did NOT care for the obvious commercial for Britain's National Health Care system that was included in the ceremony.

--Frankly, it was kind of nice to see Michael Phelps get soundly beaten the other night in his first race.  The Beijing Olympics were disappointing in that the announcers seemed to focus in on a few marquee athletes and didn't say much about the rest of them.  Maybe now there will be more about some of the swimmers besides. . . Michael Phelps.

--I got an education about water polo this afternoon.  We wondered if maybe the caps the players wear had some kind of speakers on the sides so they could communicate with the coaches.  Wrong.  :-)  They are padded to prevent injury.  Also, the pool has to be at least six feet deep, so those girls are really swimming to stay on top of the water.  That takes a lot of stamina.

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