Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The School Year Is Coming!

The school mode is starting.  Inservice starts a week from today.  I have already paid off my daughter to decorate my room (hey, we both win that way) so most of that is already done.  It's a new room for me - had been in the other one for 21 years--and I am teaching all English this year.  No science!  So this is a new start, and that makes the beginning of the school year much more invigorating than past years.

This is the photo for one of the bulletin boards ML made for me.  And, she made it look wonderful on the board.  She is very, very artistically talented, and I am proud of her.

The fact that I am psyched to go back, and have already started getting ready - have been editing vocabulary quizzes, planning things, and just gearing up - states the obvious:  Teaching is in my blood.

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