Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nostalgia Pics - Again

Time for some pics from the past again.

Grandma and grandson.  I think this is in front of their house in AL - at least it looks like it from the bricks.  This is a very sweet picture.

ML playing chess with her uncle.  I've always liked this pic. because it shows so clearly her intensity at playing games.  Since she was old enough to think, she has always been a fierce competitor!

Piano recital time.  The head of the music department at the time loved elaborate backgrounds for the spring recitals, and this was one of her largest productions.

This was taken at the Wilds one year when we went for family camp.  We went several years during this time frame of the kids' lives, whenever Mike was not working Labor Day weekend.  It was always a lot of fun and the kids loved to go.  ML and I would always go to the craft shop while the boys went to the rifle range, and we made a lot of memories.  I liked it because even if our entire weekend was taken up with going to camp, I still had Monday to do laundry and get caught up before getting back into the work week. 

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