Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Misc.

--My son has been sick for several weeks and finally went to the dr. Thursday - got a diagnosis today - recurrence of mono, and lyme disease.  Fortunately the lyme was caught early and a round of antibiotic should take care of it.  But it will take him awhile to really feel good (although he is slowly improving).

--Took the car to the Honda dealership today to see about the plastic piece on the front of the driver's seat that keeps popping out.  I went prepared, with reading material and a drink, figuring it would take awhile.  Well, a tech met me in the breezeway, took the car to be checked, showed me where to wait - and was back in under ten minutes.  Said they'd need to order a part and would call next week.  I was out of there in about fifteen minutes flat!

--My daughter has been gone for a week helping a local lady with her children, on a trip to Virginia and Oklahoma.  She gets back tomorrow night and I think she'll be glad to see her own bed again!

--Note to self:  When you put gas in the car, yes, put the cap back in, but also shut the little door.  It does help you to see oncoming traffic in the rearview mirror.

--Note to self #2: When you turn on the hose to put water in the pool, it is a good idea to remember to turn it off before five hours have passed.

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Barbara H. said...

Aw -- hope he feels better soon. Glad they caught it early.

Smiling at the notes to self. :-)