Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts on the Sanctions at Penn State

One of the nice things about being off for the summer is being able to follow some breaking story on the news for several hours.

This morning I have been cleaning bathrooms and floors, while tuning into the ESPN coverage about the NCAA sanctions that were handed down to Penn State this morning.

Some thoughts:

--There is no question that the sanctions are very harsh and that many people who were not involved in the scandal are being affected.  But - the effects of sin are far-reaching.  Sin does not only affect the person who commits it, but many others as well.  Think of the children of alcoholics, drug dealers, adulterers.  Think of the members of a church when a pastor has a moral failing.  The culture of silence at Penn State was horrific.  The fallout is large.

--Some people are saying that Joe Paterno is being decimated for one failure when he had so many positive contributions.  However, this is such a huge failure that it must be included as the defining moment of his career.  Is it a shame?  Yes.  But it is realistic.

--Also, some of the Penn State (and other) people are blaming the NCAA for the strong penalties.  The ultimate one they should be blaming, however, is Jerry Sandusky.  And, secondarily, those who covered up for him.

--And finally:  I find it very refreshing, in this era of rampant sin, particularly of the moral variety, to see that society still finds child molestation, and the covering up of it, to be repugnant and worthy of strong and devastating penalty.

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