Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gifts From the Past

Changing classrooms this year has become a great opportunity to clean some things out of my bookcases and cabinets.  Late Thursday afternoon, during a torrential rainstorm that delayed my going home, I was working on one shelf and discovered this old, worn copy of a Shakespeare anthology.  Since it didn't appear to be anything unusual, and there are plenty of better copies around, I started to throw it away, but looked in the front cover and discovered . . .

this name.  I have no idea how my mother-in-law's college Shakespeare textbook made it to my classroom, nor any idea how long it has been there.  Perhaps I ended up with it after Mike's dad passed away, but even if that is the case, I can't imagine how it got taken to school. 

There were about a dozen sheets of her class notes scattered throughout the book, written in fountain pen in her neat handwriting.

And even a note from what appeared to be a dorm supervisor, telling her to stop by the office for a message!

I never knew my mother-in-law, so finding a book like this is like receiving a gift from the past.  I gave it to Mike tonight, and he was pleased to see it as well--especially because he likes Shakespeare and will appreciate having this copy of his mother's.  It will not be returning to my classroom!

And this is a picture that ML found recently on someone's Facebook.  Along with some others, she had prints made, and we framed them.  I had never seen this picture of Mike's mom.  She looks like maybe about college-age here - maybe a little older.  It's been a touch to the heart to receive both connections to her in the same week.


Barbara H. said...

How neat to have those mementos!

MaryM said...

That's really cool.

Allison Campbell said...

What a neat find!! And just so you know, I was very embarrassed when I read through my last post and realized all of my typo's and misspellings. :) Looks like I need to take a little more time when I decide to post... :) So glad you could come by and see the house! Stop in next time you and mom go to lunch!
Have a great day- love you!

Ann said...

Allison - when I read your posts, it's to find out what's happening to you, not to check for typos. Love you too!!