Saturday, September 15, 2012


This week we took our school students to camp.  We've been to a couple of places the past years, but the Wilds is where we always end up returning to.  I think that this was one of the best retreats we've had.  The activities were fun, the students had a good time, and a number of decisions were made as a result of the services.  And the decisions made were not the result of pressure in the services - they were made one on one, away from the service times, students finding sponsors or other students they trusted, to confide their need.  

These pictures are in no particular order - just how they loaded off my computer.

Ropes/obstacle course.  Boys did it one day and girls the next.  They had to work as teams.  It was great to see some of our smaller/weaker boys accomplish this with the help of their peers.

In the fireplace room for chapel.

One of our juniors - a lively, well-liked girl - and some weird teacher at our school.

Free time in the game room.

Hiking to the first and second falls.  The juniors and seniors had to come early on Tuesday because we were shuttling our buses, so they took an extra hike.  For those readers unfamiliar with the Wilds, there are four beautiful waterfalls.  The most beautiful - the fourth falls - is also the most difficult hike.  Not everyone can make the trip, so they went to the first two falls instead.

Riding the giant swing.  These teens are coming to the end of their ride.

Playing Big Ball Volleyball the first night there.  Another school was here this week also, so we got to know some other people as well.  That was new to us - we've always been there alone in the past.

 Since we came in September this year - we usually go in the spring - the lake was still open.  Those kids had a great time jumping off the tower, riding the lake trolley and then dropping in, jumping off the Blob, and coming down the lake super slide.

This is the Blob!  One person jumps on it from off the tower, which causes the person on the other end to come off and then arc into the water.
. . . like this.

Riding the trolley before dropping into the water.

A flotilla of teens in tubes.

Wet but happy kids.

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