Sunday, October 7, 2012

Advertising and Emotional Appeals

Tomorrow I start spending a week or two on the topic of emotional appeals.  Years ago a wonderful English teacher by the name of Alice Ackley taught a unit on this to my sophomore English class at Austin High School, and I never forgot the lessons she taught us.  So, every other year, the month before the national election, I like to teach a unit on this to the juniors and seniors.  Still deciding on whether or not to include the sophomores since I teach them this year also.  It wouldn't hurt them to get a double dose if I happen to still be their teacher in two years.

Just realized that I could save my power point slides as jpeg files and import them directly into a blog post.  These are only a few of the slides.  There are a lot more appeals that we will go over; however, I can't really upload all 53 slides.  Also, they will come up on the screen sentence by sentence and picture by picture; here you get the full effect all at once.  

What's really great is that this year I've found a lot of ads that help teach this directly on Youtube.  In the past I've had to try to record commercials onto VHS as they come on - always a challenge to get most of the commercial and yet not get the ones not worth saving or that are objectionable.  

Anyway, welcome to the world of emotional appeals, which will be consuming my time for the next few days.

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MaryM said...

Hey - I will teach persuasion/emotional appeals to my college students in about 6 weeks and would love to use some of your stuff IF you don't mind. I haven't taught all of this in 14 years and haven't had time to dig on the Internet for examples OR to create a good PPT (which was just coming into vogue when I left teaching in 1998). Let me know if you would be willing to share and I will be sure and cite my source. : ) We can use DropBox if the file is too large ( I would imagine it's more than 10 mb). Thanks and if proprietary I understand.