Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Misc.

Monday Misc.  Nothing has gripped me lately to write any kind of dramatic or particularly provoking blog post.  Been having a lot of left-side pain lately.  Between my shoulder/neck issues on the left, and the degenerated discs in my lower back which cause sciatica down my left leg--my left side is hurting.  But the right side feels great!  I took half a Lortab yesterday afternoon and consequently slept the afternoon away - but still felt like going to bed at a decent time.

ML was home this weekend.  She has fall break for several days coming up, and she and her dad will be going hunting as he will be off also.  Glad it coincided.

This is a big week for our school as far as games go.  I'll be traveling to Greenville at least once and maybe twice for big games, and there is a big home game also.

I'm also getting up a big unit to teach the juniors and seniors on emotional appeals and advertising, and will probably put up a post sometime this week about it.  It's a fun topic to prepare and a fun topic to teach.  I think they need some understanding about this subject, and teach it every other year to both upper classes, sometime the month before the election so that they will be able to analyze campaign ads.  

In conclusion, here are some funny pics I've collected over the past months.

This one would make a funny bulletin board--I'd title it something like "When Teachers Party."

Too cute.  Someday maybe I'll have a grandson who talks to me like that--

And finally. . . Wish someone had showed me that before I started teaching.  It would have saved a lot of frustrating situations.

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