Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Food For Thought

Hope another one of these is not too much.  MacArthur's thinking and writing are so packed full of thoughtful bits that I've got to share another one.  This from EPHESIANS commentary, pp. 32-33:

"Throughout Scripture there is tension between God's sovereignty and man's will, a tension that, in his limited and imperfect knowledge, man is incapable of fully reconciling.  As with all the other antinomies and paradoxes in God's Word, our responsibility is to believe both sides of them without reservation, just as they are revealed.  We know the truths are in perfect accord in God's mind, and that knowledge should satisfy us. . .

"Whatever God's reasons for designing such humanly irreconcilable truths, we should thank and praise Him for them.  For the very reason that they are completely true while seeming to be contradictory, we are humbled in His presence as we stand in awe of that which to us is incomprehensible.  To the trusting believer such truths are but further evidence that Scripture is God's doing, and not man's."

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