Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - Something New For Me!

Well I am going to try this.  I've read my friend Barbara's Friday's Fave Five for a long time and have never done it myself, but maybe this middle-aged brain can figure it out after all.  It's hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

So my Friday's Fave Five for this week:

1. Both of my children were home last weekend.  We had friends for Sunday dinner as well and we had a great time.  Loved having them here.

2. Scheduling.  I was able to do the scheduling of help (concessions, gate, etc.) for our Christian school association's annual soccer/volleyball state tournament that is being held at our school this weekend.  I love to accomplish projects like that and was glad to be able to do it.

3. Freezer fixed.  Mike thinks he may have figured out what was wrong with the freezer this week and turned it on to see if it was working now.  I checked it this morning and it is ice cold inside.  Total cost of repair:  $0.00.

4. Some new autumn clothes.  We had a day off school last Friday. . .and I went shopping.

5. Gorgeous autumn weather.  Love it!


Susan said...

Welcome to FFF. I've been a slacker lately, but I am back thinking on and writing about my 5 weekly blessings.

What a blessing to get your freezer fixed and free of repair costs. That certainly is a favourite.

Having both my kiddos home for the weekend is a rare blessing and one that fills my heart with joy. So I see why you put that as a favourite.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Welcome! Don't you love having the family all home? I know I do.

My hubby is a great "fixer," too. Love that total cost of repair!

Hope you have a great week ahead...and join us again next Friday!

Barbara H. said...

With 2/3 of my kids moved from home, one out of state, I understand about that treasuring that time when they can all be home. And not even on a holiday!

I love when things can be repaired instead of replaced. Good job, Mike!

Glad you jumped into the FFF! There's a great group of ladies participating.

Susanne said...

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five! So glad you took a chance and joined us!

Having kids come home is a huge blessing! I had my oldest, who is the only one not home, come for our Thanksgiving. Enjoyed every minute with her and all the family together.

Glad the freezer fix was 0 dollars. I cringe when appliances go on the blink.

Yay for beautiful fall days and new fall clothes!

Willow said...

I'm so glad you had your kids were home. Only one of my four even lives in the same state with me so I understand how precious it is to be together.

Kathie said...

welcome to FFF - they're a great bunch of bloggers! And it's a great way to record all the blessings each week.

It is lovely to have the kids at home - I just found out our oldest is able to come home for Christmas! Yay! he lives in the UK so we don't get to see him often. I'm very thankful for Skype!

I'm enjoying our autumn weather too

Happy weekend!