Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Is Put Away--

Christmas is put away, and the New Year is here.  It always takes me several days to get Christmas put away, not because I drag the process out, but because I keep finding things here and there that didn't make it into the storage box.  The hats off the deer heads, the wreath on the back door, the little towels in the bathroom - little things that get overlooked every year because I've gotten used to seeing them and thus don't get them put up.

This year we have two live wreaths from our niece who was selling them for a fundraiser.  I'm leaving them up because of their great evergreen scent - which partially made up for having to live with that artificial tree.

Here are a few of the things I set out every year, for the few who may be interested in such:

--Little (naked) angel that ML painted in ceramics one year.
--Candle holder from my folks from even before I got married.
--Cheese spreader snowmen in a snowball from my sister-in-law.
--In the front:  "NOEL" figurines painted by two students my first or second year of teaching.  These sisters made them at camp one summer and gave them to me the following Christmas.  I still treasure them.

--Cotton snowman that Andrew made in kindergarten and that has survived all these years.
--Somehow the little naked angel made it in twice.

--Painted blocks from another student later in my career.  The kids had a great time with these when they were growing up.

--Nativity figurines that my sister gave me for several years.  They're a very pretty set.  I should remember the name of them but can't right now.

--Stuffed nativity set that my mom made for the kids when they were very young.  This too got much attention when the children were younger.
Treasured items that go in the box each year and are a joy to re-discover each December.


Barbara H. said...

We're planning to take down Christmas stuff today. One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas decorations is the family history of them.

I also tend to forget at least one or two items each year -- they have to live in a box in the closet til next Christmas.

rk2 said...

Fontanini is the name of the nativity.

You must really like that little naked angel! : )