Friday, January 4, 2013

ML's Trip to Guatemala

This is almost a month late, but what with Christmas festivities, ML being gone some, and me reminding her several times to get me her pictures - here are some shots from her trip to Guatemala at the end of first semester.

This is pretty classic of the scenery.  Volcanic mountains in the background - electric lines and trash in the foreground!!

I think this is so cute.  It was one of their crafts in the VBS they held.  Notice the Spanish names of the twelve apostles on each of the puppets!

And this is the entire ocean with "fish" made on the previous day.  Not sure what the purpose of the fish was, but the kids apparently loved making them.

The entire team.  The purpose of taking the picture on the roof was to get the volcano in the background - but that obviously did not work.  It was a wonderful experience for her and I'm so glad she got to go.

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