Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Misc.

Not at school this morning - sick sick sick with bronchitis that I believe has probably moved into pneumonia.  For one thing, I'm sicker than last winter when the diagnosis was pneumonia.  And last night at 2 a.m. my fever went from normal to 102 in about a half an hour, complete with chills, some mildly shaking - a sign of pneumonia.  Right now I'm in the morning phase of doing a little better except for low-grade fever, coughing, and constant squeaks in my chest.

Maybe enough presence of mind for a Monday Misc.--

--The English teacher who retired last spring is subbing for me.  So nice to know the class can move on without me.  She taught two of these classes for many years, so all I said was "Find out what page they are on and teach away."

--After a weekend of not having the mental capacity to read anything deeper than "Country" and "Country Woman" magazines, I have decided I will never again read anything that contains the word "critters," or any article where the would-be author tells me something like "The air was cool and crisp, and kissed my cheeks," or "The sunbeams danced across the blossoms," etc. etc.  Please, would-be authors - do not use trite words and phrases!!!

--I also watched some Supernanny this weekend.  It was amazing how impotent some of those parents were.  I couldn't help but think - OK, so things got better while Supernanny was there.  But if parents do not have it within themselves to control children, so that it gets so bad they have to have someone instruct them on how to put a child in a time-out chair - it will soon go back to that point after Supernanny leaves.  They've either got it or they don't.  I used to ask myself the question "Who's in charge here?"

--On a friend's FB page.   Overheard from the backseat: "How did George Washington die?" reply from another, "I don't know, but I know who killed Abraham Lincoln...I think Bill O'Reilly did least that's what Grandaddy's book said."  I think she should email this in to his show.

--A large coffee cup, filled three-quarters with apple juice and the last quarter with OJ, and a "tea"bag of mulling spices, heated in the microwave, is very, very soothing to a throat sore from coughing.

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Barbara H. said...

Hope you feel better asap!!!