Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - December 28, 2012

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I just realized it's Friday - I'm not in school - and so have plenty of time to do a Friday's Fave Five this week.

1. Christmas - with several Christmas celebrations with family members.  To me Christmas is a stressful time but it is also a good time.

2. This could have gone in last week's, but since it's a semi-Christmas present, as well as a birthday present, I got an iPhone with an Otter case!  Wasn't so sure I wanted it at first, but since it was a gift, and I've got it - am getting used to it and like it more and more each day.

3. The opportunity to host a gathering for some former students my son's age, who were here last night for a great time of catching up.  And then getting up this morning to discover that my son had done a really really good job of cleaning up!!!

4. Discovered Christmas Eve that my iPhone has an app that works just as well as a GPS, even "talking" the directions.  Therefore I returned the newly-purchased Garmin to Best Buy yesterday.  (It was from "Santa" to both Mike and me.)

5. Our schedule at school was very different this year.  We went all the way to Dec. 21, which made Christmas preparation very tight.  (I did feel for the mothers of young children who had much to do in a single weekend, which, if like our family, included the celebrations already getting started.)  But the advantage is that we do not go back until January 7.  In the past we've often had to go back January 2, which is almost cruel and unusual punishment and definitely takes the red off the candy of New Year's Day celebrations.  So, Christmas is done, and I still have over a week of vacation left.  That really provides some quality time for work around the house, and rest and relaxation.  Thank you to whomever did this year's calendar.

And sorry, but a sixth.  This cannot be missed!  6. We found out Wednesday that, if all goes as planned, in June my husband will be on a straight day shift job!!!  After 23 years, no more swing shift!


Barbara H. said...

I agree going back Jan. 2 is hard. How neat to have the rest of the week off! And how wonderful Mike will have the day shift now. I hope he can adjust to it easily. Jim's dad worked nights and still got up often in the night even after he retired.

Susan said...

Hurray to son's cleaning up! I bet your son (and the others) appreciated the place to gather.

Wow - talking directions from the iPhone? Sounds great. I've heard there are many many wonderful apps for the iPhone. I look forward to you sharing more useful ones.

So glad you have so much time off. My vacation began the minute Christmas Eve service ended. It feels a little weird to have all this time off. Like you I am enjoying the extra time with family and relaxation.

I hope the rest of your vacation is joyous.

Faith said...

oh you are SOOOO blessed to have the entire next week off. Here in overachieving NY we of course have to go back on the 2nd...BOO!!! it doesn't make sense to me EVER. the children adjust more slowly in the middle of the week...especially the special kids I teach. sigh.... you we have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas week. Yours sounds like you really had some special blessings.

ellen b said...

Oh I do hope all works out for your husband to get that day shift! Your Christmas sounds like it was great. I always enjoyed having extra time off after Christmas when I used to teach many years ago...

Willow said...

Kudos to your boy for cleaning up! That extra time after New Years for vacation is definitely a fave. And I do hope that your husband gets that day shift!

Susanne said...

I am not looking forward to starting work January 2nd at all. I get so out of routine bed times and waking times that it's going to be a killer. I guess I can be thankful it's a very short week.

Yay for family that helps clean up. That is definitely a blessing.

Congrats to your hubby for getting the day shifts. That is wonderful. And happy birthday to you!