Thursday, December 27, 2012

President Bush

I am saddened to hear that President George H.W. Bush is not doing well in a Texas hospital.  We have our own special memory of him.  On our Maine trip in June 2010, we saw his home in Kennebunkport, ME.  We knew it was in the area, but there were many large homes along the beachfront road we were on.  So we asked a woman walking along which one was the Bushes'; her response was "Oh, keep going along this road, and you'll know it when you see it."  She was so right.  We went about another mile, then rounded a curve and this was the sight across the cove!

We stopped and looked for a few minutes from across the cove (many people do; there is even a resting bench along with a plaque there), when two boats - a large speedboat and a smaller grey one following - came roaring into the cove.  Someone near us could tell that the president was driving the speedboat (which in this picture has already sped into the cover and turned around).  The second one was the Secret Service detail.

It was very slow going for the former president to get out of the boat and up to his house.  This is blurry because of the focusing limitations of my point-and-shoot.  But he is the one in the rust-colored pants.

George Bush Sr. may not be able to walk well, but he sure can drive a boat!!!  We wish him well there in that Texas hospital, and pray for his recovery and for his spiritual condition at this time.

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