Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Misc.

--I had a haircut appointment in Clemson this morning - Mike went with me as we took a little jaunt further up the road to see if a rare bird that has been spotted in one of the state parks for several days (a red crossbill) was still there.  It wasn't - but made for a nice little road trip.

--On the way there, we passed a sidestreet named "Booger Branch Road."  No joke.

--Yesterday I read an obituary about a preacher that read that the man "descended into his heavenly home."  Maybe not the best wording.  Today I noticed that the obituary was reprinted, and this time the man has ascended.  There is probably an interesting story there as to who came up with that choice of wording.

--No school today due to the MLK holiday.  I'll take any day I can get.

--And finally - the little girl of Mike's and my niece.  The baby's grandmother on the other side loves to take pictures and is quite a photographer.  Is this not absolutely adorable??!!


Elisabeth said...

Booger Branch Road is right down the road from our church...maybe a quarter mile (on the Hwy 183 side). =)

Ann said...

Really!! Well - wish it had been Sunday and we would have stopped in. :-) Have to admit - that road name gave me pause!!