Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catch-Up #2 - The Beach

The week after my Dallas trip, we had the opportunity to go to Mike's sister's house at the beach for three days.  Our good friends Ken and Rachel (here shown with their daughter) got to go with us.  This is after we went out to eat one night at Murrell's Inlet.

The wind was whipping, but that didn't affect Mike at all . . .

The last full afternoon there, we got hit with a big thunderstorm (surprise, surprise).  So since there was a half-finished jigsaw puzzle left on the coffee table - that's how we spent the afternoon.  Men are always just little boys at heart.  Every time one of the men got a piece in, you'd think he should be crowned champion of the universe.  Meanwhile, we women just worked along, quietly putting in pieces and not expecting any accolades.  Sound a little bit like life?!

The finished puzzle.  The colors were so similar throughout that it really was a challenge.

Aahh - this was the beautiful sight two blocks over.  Which we did have enough time to enjoy without storms.

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