Monday, July 29, 2013

Landmark Books

One of my projects this summer has been buying books for our school library, and the main focus this year has been on replacing beat-up books that really look too shabby to go home with students any more.  I have purchased a number of books off of eBay, which has been a great source, as our funds are limited.  It's amazing how much can be done with the book-fine $$ from the previous year if one shops carefully.

One book I wanted to replace was Daniel Boone - The Opening of the Wilderness.  The copy on the left in the picture below has gotten pretty beat up over the years.  I hated to see those old Landmark books getting so decrepit because they are such a good source for older elementary and junior high students.

However, while looking for it on eBay, I discovered the book on the right.  Turns out, Landmark books are being republished by a company called Sterling Point.  The book on the right is a reprint of the original, and though it's bound in paper, the cover is a very heavy cardstock that will last awhile.

Naturally, I looked further. . .

. . .and discovered that many old Landmark titles are being republished by this company!  We are restocked now, with many of these good old titles that are well worth the time of students to read.  It was a good summer's work!

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Barbara H. said...

Good deal! Amazon has used books from pennies to a few dollars, too.

I would love to be an official book-buyer!