Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Fave Five 8/3/13

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1. Someone, who would not want to be named publicly, gave me money to spend for a Cricut for our school.  My colleague and friend Gina knows much more about Cricuts, so she did the ordering.  She told me this morning that it has arrived - we will take it to school next week and set it up!  Very thankful for that generous gift - the teachers will make good use of it.

2. Andrew and I had a nice trip to purchase the Hummel set I bought this week.  

3. ML is going to help me with fixing up my classroom.  Huge help to me, and she might get a little cash out of the deal.

4. Had a good meeting with the teachers from another school to get ideas earlier this week.  We are rivals - BIG rivals - with them, so we were glad to have had a good meeting with them.  Our students may consider it to be fraternizing with the enemy. . .

5. My sister-in-law got married last Saturday night and we had a nice time seeing family members we don't see very often.


Barbara H. said...

I've thought Cricuts would be great for schools. How neat to have money for one donated!

Sounds great to have help setting up the classroom.

I'm smiling at fraternizing with the enemy. :-)Glad you had a good meeting, good time with friends, and a nice trip with Andrew.

Ann said...

And Barbara, you know exactly who I'm talking about! :-)