Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Fave Five - 8/23/13

1. My son made it safely to a closed country for a stint of teaching English.  He left earlier this week, and it has been an emotional time for his mother.  However, he made it, and I've seen a picture of him with other members of his group, having cake and coffee in the apartment belonging to one of them, at the end of the first day.  That pic made me feel better.

2. Nice large going-away party for him after church last Sunday night here at the house, and a nice family dinner on Monday night at Tucker's Restaurant.  (Thank you to my folks for that one.)  I did not tell my husband how many ended up being invited to the going-away party until it was underway - sometimes it's better just to let things happen.  :-)  And it just kept growing.

3. Got daughter moved into her house - she is loving it.  She started her senior year in college this week.  The end is in sight!

4. My sister started a new job this week and is enjoying it - she is happy to be employed again after a six-month hiatus.

5. Psalm 139.  And I have a nice, quiet weekend to rest up.

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Barbara H. said...

Good to know your son made it ok. Those photos and texts and such do help a great deal. That's neat that both the church and family had a going-away get-together for him.

Glad your daughter likes her house and your sister is enjoying her job!

I am hoping Monday will be the start of a quiet week after a busy summer.

Willow said...

Yes, those emails/skype calls/photos do help the mom to relax a little. My son is 10,000 miles away.
Hurray for that new job for your sister!

Susanne said...

hearing from kid's far away definitely does make a mom's heart feel better! Glad he made it to his destination and that he's settling in.

Many blessings to your daughter in her new home.