Thursday, August 29, 2013

My TESL Son (Teaching English as a Second Language)

My son has been on the other side of the world for ten days now.

It took me about a week to get my emotions settled down.  Silly, he says; he's on an adventure and why would his mother be upset?  True.  He's not tied to my apron strings any more, nor would I want him to be.  However, that doesn't change a mother's heart toward her son.

I kept seeing the mental picture of him as about a ten-month-old baby, awakening me about 6:00 on a Sunday morning (make that every Sunday morning) wanting a bottle.  I'd settle into the rocker; he'd slurp most of it down, then lie there looking up at me with a big grin, as if to say "Didn't you WANT to get up this early on Sunday and be with me?"  And at first I'd be frustrated, then would realize that it really was a great blessing to be able to get up with him.

And now he's on the other side of the world.

I have many "upward thoughts" for him, in many areas.

I am also very grateful for what is available for communication.  So far we've been able to have a phone call, a Skype, and also a web-based text program for both texting and delayed voice messages.  Imagine people just ten or twenty years ago, much less a hundred, having those opportunities for communication.  It makes it so much easier.

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Barbara H. said...

I can remember some of those middle of the night or early morning feedings - not being thrilled to wake up (I'm kind of zombie-like when I first wake up) but then treasuring those quiet times.

When I was in college and first married, we could only afford to call home once a month. I am SO glad for the availability of more communication now.